A Piece for Parents



We are excited to announce one of the goals our board of trustees set out to implement will be here in the near future.  As a board we all agreed that a important task to complete soon was to offer support and resources to families in each one of our towns that make up the Crossroads service area. 

“A Piece for Parents” Support Leader

These parents will be a support system leader for parents just like them in their hometown and be able to pass on information directly from our board of trustees. We will ask that you complete at least 2 continuing education courses once a year.

Kim Varela has a large variety of materials and resources. She will be happy to assist you with setting up your continuing education courses and goals.

There are several ways to continue your education…

  • Region 3
  • Free courses on special needs and autism throughout the year
  • Some webinars
  • Workshops put on by Gulf Bend, PRN, VC, or UHV
  • If you are not able to attend courses due to limited transportation, no internet, or due to work schedules, we have an alternative…

“Check out & Report.” 

  1. You may check out a book from Kim Varela
  2. Read the book
  3. Submit a summary (Paper, PowerPoint, Video/Presentation to the board)
  4. Certificate awarded for your completion and kept on file

Please email us at crossroadsautismnetwork@gmail.com if you are interested.